Both the collection of your data and your consent to the processing and transfer of such data by Whirlpool Corporation “Whirlpool” are required to enable you to use the Services and conduct business with Whirlpool (including being registered with Whirlpool as a potential supplier). Should your consent be denied or subsequently revoked, Whirlpool will not be able to allow you to access the Services. 

This Privacy Notice sets out information relating to the collection, processing and transfer of your personal information obtained through Whirlpool’s vendor-facing electronic systems and services.

Whirlpool requires a signed Privacy Notice document for each legal entity conducting business with Whirlpool. If your organization currently accesses the Global Supplier Portal, no further action is required. If you have been requested to consent to the Privacy Notice, please download the form and confirm your acceptance in accordance with the instructions in the document.

Whirlpool Supplier Facing Electronic Systems and Services Privacy Notice

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If you have any questions, please contact your Whirlpool Corporation representative. If you do not have a representative from Whirlpool Corporation, please email